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Source: SiecleDigital  as of 17-03-2020

Humans less solicited in the process of moderation…

By Nathan Le  Gohlisse  –  @n_legohlisse

To cope with the increase in   traffic  caused  by  the orderly  containment  measures  in  Europe and the United  States,  but  also  to limit the amount of employees  required in this  period of epidemic  and  telework,  YouTube  says  it will   focus more  heavily  on  artificial intelligence  and machine learning for the  moderation  of  its  platform. The  measure, which is logical  given  the  current health  context, should only  be  adopted during the epidemic.  In  particular, it plans    to  entrust algorithms  with  the  responsibility  of  deleting   videos  that violate  the  platform’s  rules,   Engadget says. .

 Normally, the  algorithms  used  by YouTube  en are   primarily used  to  detect  potentially  harmful  or  unauthorize content, and to  submit it to a  flesh-and-blood  employee.   The latter will  then be the sole  judge as to whether    the  content could  be deleted. .  Now,and for the next few  weeks  at  least, YouTube   algorithms will be  allowed  to  delete  these contentious videos  on  their  own..

“Adisruption for  users  and  creators”  … by  YouTube’s  own admission

As  Engadget points  out,   this  could  have  a significant impact  on  YouTube’s  reputation, including content  en   creators, in the event of a  slightly contenus overzealous  AI   and unjustified deletions. A point that already earns  YouTube  many criticisms  from  its  community  of  videographers. By  allowing  the deletion of  videos  by  algorithms,  it  is likely that the situation is getting worse,  especially since  the  platform  indicates that more   delays are  to  be expected for the  processing   claims… which,  of course, remain   allowed..

“We    recognize  that this  can  be  a disruption for  users  and  creators,  but  we  know it’s the right thing to do for the people  who  work  at  YouTube   Security and for the community  at broad  sense,”   says  Google’s  subsidiary.  “We    appreciate everyone’s  patience  in  taking  these  steps  through  this difficult     time.”

While content moderation   en    may be  a  problem,YouTube  promises in its  press release that it will be more  careful  about  videos  and livestream highlighted  on the  platform..  The idea?   Avoid the circulation of fake news as much as possible  in  this  time  of   global crisis.  This is  a  difficult   task that  the  British government has undertaken  by organising  an information  campaign carried out by popular  influencers    across the Channel.

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