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Source: franceinfo as of 22-06-2020

The mask has become the essential accessory to combat the spread of the virus. But how can we remotely control that this health protection is well worn? Faced with this need, detection software has emerged.

It is a technological innovation that could appeal to many businesses, businesses or transit companies. Software that can detect the wearing of the mask, via an already existing network of cameras. This system developed by several start-ups, only detects the mask, it does not know who you are. This is not facial recognition software.

A 90% reliability rate

Interest in the customer user of these detection software? Adapt its prevention messages. Thus, if this device is used within public transport and audio messages, inviting the wearing of the mask evolve according to what the cameras detect. “For example, we set a tolerance threshold, if we are below this threshold, we are able to automate the ads that invite users to wear the mask,” explains Virginie Ducable, project manager at  RedLab.

A system already experienced

Since 6 May 2020, the RATP has installed a system for detecting mask wearers at the Châtelet-les-Halles metro station. Travellers pass in front of several CCTV cameras. This device will measure for three months, in real time the adoption rate of this equipment, in this busy station. This same technology is also used, in buses and in markets in Cannes. The tool was used by the town hall to launch a campaign to distribute masks and raise awareness.

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