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Source: LCI as of 07-06-2020

Some are already comparing artificial intelligence to the invention of electricity as it will upset our daily newspapers. The principle, rely on our personal data to make our lives easier.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our everyday objects. On the manufacturers’ side, it improves the performance and quality of products through the usage data collected. Instead, it saves money for users. This is the case for Muller Intuitiv radiators, capable of adjusting their temperature according to the presence or not of a person in a room. Balance, watch, thermometer, blood pressure monitor… Intelligent objects are also intended to monitor health.

This topic was broadcast in the 8pm newscast of 07/06/2020 presented by Anne-Claire Coudray on TF1. You will find on the programme of the 20H JT of June 7, 2020 reports on current economic, international and cultural political, analysis and rebounds on the main topics of the day, topics in the regions as well as surveys on the subjects that concern the daily life of the French.

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