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Source: Les Echos as of 18-05-2020

Scientists at the University of Cambridge want to train artificial intelligence to recognize the symptoms of Covid-19 only by the sound of the voice.

During the Covid-19 epidemic and in order to prevent the spread of the virus, teleconsultation  became more and more. To help him in his diagnosis the doctor may also have the help of artificial intelligence. A team  from the University of Cambridge has developed an app to collect data to diagnose the disease through voice. Doctors have noted that patients with the virus have a dry cough, a characteristic way to catch their breath or observe pauses in their breathing. The application developed as part of the European Project EAR (Audio-Based Mobile Health Diagnostics) should allow people who think they are suffering from the disease to record the evolution of their symptoms and then record some samples of their voice, their breathing and their cough. The goal would be to collect data from hundreds of thousands of patients in order to train machine learning algorithms capable of diagnosing the disease by listening to the patient. Today available on PC the app should be developed for Android smartphones after on iOS.

Frank Niedercorn

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