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Use artificial intelligence to fight Covid–19

Source: The Star (Kenya) as of 30-03-2020

Authorities in Kenya need to step up surveillance and roll out artificial intelligence tools to fight the new coronavirus.

Artificial intelligence refers to anything that makes machines act intelligently. Artificial Intelligence can also be referred to as Augmented intelligence. Artificial intelligence should not attempt to replace human experts, but rather extend human capabilities and accomplish tasks that neither humans nor machines could do on their own. Augmented intelligence is putting information that subject matter experts, in this case doctors and ministry mandarins, need at their fingertips and backing it with evidence so they can make informed decisions. The ideal scenario should be in which experts scale their capabilities and let the machines do the time-consuming work. In developed countries, a set of tests and treatment protocols have been automated according to the approved scientific standards to provide statistics and data analysis, monitor all suspected cases and standardise medical practices in all health facilities

Artificial intelligence can be used to identify, track and forecast outbreaks. The better we can track the virus, the better we can fight it. By analysing news reports, social media platforms, and government documents, AI can learn to detect an outbreak. The government should track confirmed and suspected coronavirus patients by monitoring their cell phones. This would help to prevent the spread of coronavirus and help in the enforcement of quarantine orders. The government should only track those confirmed or suspected to have been infected with coronavirus.

The Health ministry on March 18 said that a patient who had left the Isolation Unit at Mbagathi Hospital under suspicious circumstances had been tracked down and tested positive for Covid-19The security apparatus tracked the missing patient and brought her back for further testing. It is important to note that the tracking should be done by the National Police Service through the DCI and NSIS for the sole purpose of confining a patient. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Kenyans may be compelled, due to the threat posed by the pandemic, to waive their right to privacy. The Artificial Intelligence and Data scientist spoke to the Star

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