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Source: Atlantico as of 16-07-2020

Gyms are increasingly equipped with artificial intelligence-equipped devices or machines. Is this an effective way to improve your workouts? What is the technology used? Artificial intelligence is integrated into all fields and sport is not exempt from it. Gyms are seeing the arrival of many devices including artificial intelligence. What types of exercises will it appear in? What is the technology used?

Carl Blasco: Technology at the service of the sportsman…. What a phantasm! This reminds me of that mythical sequence from the movie Rocky IV, which all sportsmen have seen at least once in their lives, comparing on two tables alternately the techno training assisted by Yvan Drago, while Rocky runs in the snow and lifts wooden carts.

What was the advantage of the eye of a benevolent trainer compared to the cold statistics of the machine and its artificial intelligence?

We can’t even say that the machine is impersonal when it calibrates the physical details of the athlete: 25 pivots of the body, 3D sensors that spot through a processor super-powerful physical digressions in positioning compared to what is theoretically ideal.

The process is seductive but sorely lacking in empathy to such an extent that it is impossible for the athlete to recognize himself in the reconstructed image of his self-portrait on the machine screen, even if it would be a high-definition resolution.

There is nothing more difficult for a human being than to make his self-portrait, whether through a painting (Van Gogh really looked like what he painted of himself), or through his own writings, or through his gestures.

Each of us hates our own recorded voice.

In reality we see ourselves well only through the gaze of the Other: Benevolent.

This is the dynamics of the sport whether it is confined or in the middle of the group.

What exercises can validly benefit the user of a machine that restores and corrects mechanical theorems?

Bio-mechanical is a lever towards the trauma of a particular part of the body and sport is, without a soul, only the synonym of muscle tears, which by healing, strengthen the fiber.

It is a soulless practice designed to heal the ego without worrying about the dynamic progression of the athlete.

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than a great calculator, which compares data and processes it at a phenomenal rate.

This is a processor, as I mentioned, which is powered by what Man provides him as data.

If the basic data is wrong, the machine will make unlimited calculations that will all be false or irrelevant.

What is the advantage that a machine can recalibate a squat position without diagnosing the reason why the athlete did not integrate the basic movement, however simple, or distorted it in practice?

The technology of mimicry makes no sense if one does not know its master.

Gyms are returning to the era of industrialization, as Chaplin illustrated so well in modern times.

The machine is less expensive than the coach.

No salary, no prud’men, no wear and tear that would lead to sick leave or the degradation of the bodies of the animators after crazy weeks of collective classes.

No absenteeism, just a guarantee and leasing system that perfectly satisfies the conditions of profitability and operation of gyms.

This also explains the vast turn over of registrations that can be seen for athletes who train on the board.

Artificial intelligence is integrated into all econometrically quantifiable areas, and sport is free of it when one considers that the latter is a factor in the development of well-being and not a mere corrective measure of body aesthetics in the face of involution.

Is this an effective way to improve your workouts?

Is the owner of the athlete the same on a machine as on the field?

I don’t think so. The reality is outside and the machine does not prepare for the unexpected.

It is easy to settle on a movement validated by a machine and push the repetition to envy, but this has no other beneficial effect than to flatter the ego.

The world champions of training have a special relationship to this exercise.

Containment had its share of videos in which virtual athletes were able to match the performances of world champions recorded in machines.

The parrot has no analysis of the situation or adversity except for itself and its quality of repetition.

Thus, in a sense, it would be, through machine training, an effective way to improve the training of one’s own esteem without human comparative measure.

However, each tool is good to use and it is sometimes necessary to fall back on oneself to progress, but machine trainings are not factors of progression, just maintenance of the acquis.

The machine is a liar and artificial intelligence…. Artificial intelligence…. Nothing more….

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