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Uber: Artificial intelligence forces drivers to wear masks

Source: PhonAndroid as of 14-05-2020

Uber is forcing its drivers to wear a protective mask against the Covid-19. To ensure that all drivers comply with sanitary rules while driving, the American firm is preparing to deploy artificial intelligence. Before accepting passengers, drivers will have to take a selfie.

A few days ago, Uber  pledged    to  force  its  drivers to wear a mask. Starting this Monday, May 18, 2020, each Uber driver will have to upload a photo of his face in the app in order to access the service. Artificial intelligence will then ensure that the driver is properly equipped with a sanitary mask, which covers both the nose and mouth, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Uber clarifies that the process does not rely on facial recognition. 

Wearing a mask is mandatory, even for Uber passengers passagers

If the driver is not equipped with a mask, he will not be able to access the Uber platform until the end of June 2020. If the mask is spotted,the driver will be allowed to take Uber passengers as usual. “Auto-certification is good, but sometimes verification is very important,” says Sachin Kansal, product manager at Uber.

Uber users are also affected. People who do not wear a mask will not be able to enter a vehicle. On this side, the check is left to the discretion of the driver. Uber is asking its drivers to refuse all customers who do not wear a health mask.

In the event of repeated violations of these rules, the VTC promises to deprive affected drivers and passengers of the Uber app. Finally,the group asks all drivers to pass wipes on seat belts and the back seat on a regular basis. Will you use Uber again in spite of the pandemic? We await your opinion in the comments.

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