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Source: Shanghai Daily as of 19-05-2020

ROBOTS are such an emerging part of home and industrial life that it’s easy to forget that they are only as smart as human technology makes them. At CloudMinds, a Minhang-based smart robot developer, artificial intelligence trainer Xia Lin is among those who stretches the “brains” of the mechanical devices. By sorting and analyzing data feedback, he figures out how to make the robots “smarter” and adapt them to specific tasks.

“It is a job that requires a lot of patience,” Xia said. As a part of robot training, he might “talk” to a robot for several hours. The process requires a lot of configuration adjustment. Sometimes training fails, and workers like Xia need to find out what went wrong and how to update the robot’s database.

“We see improvement come bit by bit as robots learn,” Xia said. “It is like training pets or spending time with our children.” CloudMinds robots were used as medical assistants at a hospital in Wuhan during the novel coronavirus outbreak. They helped take patients’ temperatures, disinfect areas and deliver medicine and meals. Since the outbreak, sales of the robots have tripled. The mechanical men are also used in hotels and transportation hubs to facilitate disease control systems.

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