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Source: Capital as of 22-04-2020

Applications, key players and key figures: chiffres-clés robotics is on the move in all sectors of the economy. The proof.


Applications: prevent outages with sensors, optimize the production line, “increase” employees employés…

The company: Dassault Systems, with its 3DExperience platform, which offers AI-based design, simulation and analysis tools. .

The figure: 38% more profits for the industry by 2035 with AI (Accenturestudy).


 – Applications: customize the customer experience, optimize inventory, detect trends…

The company: Amazon wants to install its AI in all rooms of our homes with its objects connected to its personal assistant virtual Alexa.

The figure: 51% of e-commerce decision-makers are working on the deployment of AI (Octopeek study, November 2019).).


 – Applications: predictive market analysis, compliance,customer support.

The company: JPMorgan, the U.S. bank with an innovation budget of $11.4 billion per year. Its virtual assistant allows access to banking information and international transfers for its corporate clients..

The figure: $447 billion in potential gains for the banking sector (studyby Autonomous Next).).


Applications: diagnostic assistance, interpretation of medical imaging. .

The company: Google, whose AI can detect breast and lung cancers with the same precision as radiologists..

The figure: 2 minutes 30 seconds,time for an AI to detect a brain tumor, compared to 20 to 30 minutes for a doctor (NatureMedicine).).


Applications Applications: autonomous vehicles

– The company: Waymo, Google’s driverless car and its 32 million kilometres driven on U.S. roads since its launch in 2009.

The figure: a market of 500 billion euros for driverless conducteur vehicles véhicules by 2035(A.T. Kearneyfirm)


Applications: predictive justice, research and access to legal information, auditing and contract management.

 – The company: Case Law Analytics, a start-up in Nantes,has created software capable of quantifying legal risk from the analysis of case law, in order to allow players to refine their legal strategy. .

The figure: Out of 227 legal tech companies, less than 10 use AI according to BPI France but the sector is growing. .


Applications: crime prevention, surveillance and facial recognition. 

– The logiciel company: PredPol (Predict Prevent Crime) software has been used for several years in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its algorithm predicts where and when a crime will occur…

The figure: 75 out of 176 countries use AI technologies for surveillance (CarnegieFoundation for International Peace). ).


Applications: speeding up compensation and intervention processes, detecting fraud, personalising services

The company: Chinese insurance giant Ping An compensates its customers in real time with its app that compares the photos of the disaster with the images from its database.

The figure: AI could carry out up to 43% of the sector’s operations (McKinsey Global Institute study))


Applications: access to knowledge, personalized learning, educational assistance. 

The company: Microsoft. Power Point’s Presenter Coach feature, released this summer, records your presentations and helps you improve (tone, prosody, word choice…)

The figure: 800 applications per day of first-year students are processed by the chatbot of the University of Murcia (Spain).). Correct response rate: 91.7%.


Applications: improve the customer experience, prevent breakdowns and learn from databases. 

The company: Orange, whose virtual assistant Djingo is able to view invoices, solve a faulty SIM problem or connect to the Internet.

The figure: $36.7 billion per year in investments in software,hardware and AI services (market research firm Tractica)

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