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Source: SiecleDigital as of 06-06-2020

A practical tool that allows you to have more context and be well informed!

On a daily basis, thousands or even millions of articles are read on the Internet. Sometimes a word or person quoted in the article is misunderstood. In this case, it is common to open your search engine, type the word in question in order to learn more. An action, which can cause you to lose the thread of reading.

That’s why the team at Edicratic, an online platform that links student university essays, has created, WebCheck AI. This free Chrome extension improves article reading, usingartificial intelligence and more specifically natural language processing (NLP) to identify terms requiring more information, and bringing details, such as definitions or summaries, directly to the web page.
A practical fact checking tool!

Once the extension is installed, you only need to activate it on an article to see highlighted terms appear. In the video above, we can see that the name of Dr. Maria Van Kerhove, is highlighted and when the mouse passes over his name, more information about it is given. It is also possible to see the most recent articles about the person, entity or word in question.

WebCheck AI appears directly on the article page, which does not disturb the article’s reading. There are no additional tabs that open unless the user wants to read a related article in its entirety. WebCheck AI also offers the ability to highlight terms, and get more information about them, in order to form the tool.
This tool allows us to better understand and understand the content read, but also to improve the browsing experience. WebCheck AI can be turned on or off at any time, depending on the user’s needs. It is also possible to preset a list of sites on which the extension should always work.
In the future, in addition to Wikipedia pages and news, corresponding to a term, scientific articles, videos or tweets could be added.

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