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Source: Daily Geek Show as of 09-07-2020

According to the World Health Organization, 320,000 deaths a year are linked to drowning. While swimming pools are often at the heart of discussions, the majority of drownings occur at sea. Despite the presence of lifeguards at the beach, it remains extremely difficult to monitor such a large area, especially when it is crowded with people. To remedy this problem, an Israeli startup has created a surveillance system called “Sightbit”.

This new system  consists of installing cameras on the areas to be monitored. They then broadcast real-time images and artificial intelligence not only analyzes the swimmers’ whereabouts, but also provides data on winds, waves and possible hazards in the area. But that’s not all, it also provides crowd management solutions and gives estimates on the number of rescuers needed daily.

According to Netanel Eliav, CEO of the Israeli startup, Sightbit is not intended to replace, but to help lifeguards do their job better on monitored beaches. In particular, rescuers receive an alert on their control screen when the monitoring tool detects a possible danger. It is then possible to zoom in on the scene to determine if an intervention is really necessary.

For now, this system has only been deployed by the Israel Nature and Parks Directorate near Tel Aviv, on Palmachim beach. However, the company would consider conducting further tests in several European and American cities.

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