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Source: Presse Citron as of 12-07-2020

An exciting experiment is currently being conducted by the novelist Andew Mayne.

What would you do if you had the opportunity to talk to great authors, scientists and thinkers who are no longer of this world? This very strange question, on the surface, makes perfect sense when one looks at the project currently being led by the novelist Andrew Mayne.

The latter has created an artificial intelligence called AI Writer that allows to exchange with virtual versions of great thinkers of humanity. To do this, he used a text generator API recently created by OpenAI. The tool is able to determine the purpose of the message and the identity of its recipient. It then uses the API’s personality database to determine what to answer.

AI recreates the styles of the most famous painters

As The NextWebreports, these exchanges can be exhilarating. For example, We can ask Marie Curie to give us a quick lesson on radiation, explanations to H.G. Wells about her novels or interview Alfred Hitchcock for his views on the film  Interstellar.

Ai is also able to make fictional characters talk. On his Twitter account,Andrew Mayne gives an example that will delight Marvel fans. He sent a message to Hulk posing as Bruce Banner: “Dear Hulk, why is Hulk hitting hard, your friend, Banner.” The answer is pretty clear: “Dear Bruce, Hulk likes to hit very hard, Hulk doesn’t know why. Please help me. Your friend, Hulk. »

We’d love to try AI Writer, but it is not yet available to the public. For those interested, it is already possible to give your email address in order to be kept informed. This is not the first time that an AI has been used to pay tribute to fallen personalities. We were talking about Timecraft,this MIT tool that is able to reproduce very faithfully the styles of painters like Van Gogh or Monet.

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