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Source: MaXoE as of 16-04-2020

Because humanity loves to self-destruct, it inevitably sees plenty of uses for the use of AI. And the French army is not left out. 

On September 13, 2019, the Minister of the Armed Forces unveiled the work of the ministry:  a nice 52-page pavement. In order not to find themselves in the cross-country game with other more advanced countries on the  subject, they plan to create several units:  the Defence Innovation Agency (AID) and a Coordination Cell for Artificial Intelligence of Defence (CCIAD). And let’s not forget the ministerial committee that will be created to  work on the ethical side of it all.

They intend to use AI on all points, be it  decision-making, intelligence, logistics,combat, cyber defense… Almost everywhere. The government remains a little vague about creating autonomous lethal weapons systems. They just say “that they do not plan to develop fully autonomous systems, completely beyond human control in defining and carrying  out its mission”.« That doesn’t mean  they won’t do it later.

Anyway,  when you look at the robot from Boston Dynamics, an American company specializing in robotics and especially in robotics for military use, we can see that we are very, very, very, very late… You can also admire in the first image, a machine gun robot of the U.S. Army.

But in the end, if you work in the field, you know where to apply.

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