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Source: Le Figaro as of 27-05-2020


Using the Art Breeder software, a surfer managed to model the Emperor’s face with almost photographic realism.

Jacques Louis-David, Horace Vernet, Vassili Verechtchaguine… Many of them immortalized Napoleon Bonaparte, with more or less success. But probably not as much realism as a certain “Ganbrood”, pseudonym behind which bas Uterwijk, a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, hides.

The Dutchman did not need a time machine to draw the portrait of the Emperor. He was able to model the face of the Little Corporal with an almost photographic quality thanks to the specialized software Art Breeder, a tool offering the possibility of creating montages from an assemblage of photos. The result is stunning.

“I created this face of Napoleon Bonaparte based on several paintings that I uploaded to Art Breeder,”-t-he explains in a message posted on Twitter. I stole the clothes from Jacques-Louis David, directly from his painting of 1812. Unfortunately, there are no features to generate clothes.” 

Napoleon I is not the only figure of the Revolution to arouse fantasies.. In 2013, a team of facial reconstruction specialists, led by Philippe Froesch, modelled Robespierre’s face in 3D from robespierre’s mortuary mask and special effects techniques used in cinema in particular.. The team of scientists had not confined themselves to the French Revolution, also recreating the faces of Venezuelan Simon Bolivar and King Henry IV…

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