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Source: Ulyces Science as of 03-06-2020

Artificial intelligence now makes it possible to recreate the faces of historical figures. That of Séthi 1er, one of the greatest pharaohs who reigned over Egypt, was recently modeled and revealed on the Instagram account of My Colorful Past.

Matt Loughrey is an Irishman fascinated by technology and history. He created the My Colorfust Past site on which he colors and recreates certain faces from historical photos, using technology that Matt has developed for more than five years.

Matt Lough­rey is an Irlan­dais fascinated by tech­no­lo­gie and his­toire. He created the site My Color­fust Past on which he coloured­up and  recreates some faces  from histo­rique photos, thanks to a tech­no­lo­gie that Matt has developed­loppé for more than five years.

Credits: My Colorful Past

The Irishman is thus able to revive 19th century photos, but he did not stop there. “I was convinced that there was a way to travel much further, before the advent of photography,” he explains. He saw Egyptian funerary  masks  and  mummies  as a way to recreate faces from a time when  photography did not  exist.

Its technology has allowed it to revive the faces of historical figures who lived hundreds or even  thousands of years  ago, such as Séthi I, the Egyptian pharaoh son of Ramses I, who died 3,300 years ago. He also partially recreated the face of Tutankhamun, a famous pharaoh who lived more than 3,330 years ago.

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