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Robots as housemaids

Source: Kurier as of 06-04-2020 Technology is strongly influenced by male ideas. This poses many problems, including for men Technical achievements from voice assistants to female robots adopt existing stereotypes. Women no longer want to accept this In the Corona crisis, it is women…

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In robots, robots Emotions Remain Artificial

Source: 20 Minutes as of  12-03-2020 In "The Robots "Emotional”», Laurence Devillers explores the human-to-human relationshipTechnology Project of emotion on a robot corresponds to the Need not to Stay Only. By dint of simulating emotions and empathy, what place will machines have in our societies?…

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Robots Oversee Fund Managers in New Initiative

Source: Sme as of 29-02-2020 Chief investment officer of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), Hiro Mizuno, commissioned Sony’s computer science lab to create a ‘watchdog’ using artificial intelligence to help monitor the external fund managers who manage the GPIF’s ¥175 trillion in…

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