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Source: Daily Mail as of 19-03-2020

Experts have got together to discuss the future of home automation and reveal their predictions for the future of home automation. According to futurologists, around 90 per cent of household chores will be automated thanks to robots, drones and AI by 2040These will be carried out by drones, robots and virtual AI butlers that will help with laundry, dusting and even making the bed, they claim. Kings College Professor Mischa Dohler and futurologist Dr Ian Pearson created a report with consumer site to predict how homes will look in two decades time.    

Experts have got together to discuss the future of home automation and revealed their predictions for the future of home automation. Thee include virtual butlers (pictured) which will be much improved versions of current smart assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Experts claim AI will carry out 90% of household chores by 2040

According to the experts and the Life More Automated Report they published, certain chores like washing clothes and dishes have already become more convenient due to technological revelations. It is expected this will continue and eventually reach the point where most people  will save people almost two hours a day, over 15 hours a week or more than 33 days a year on doing chores. Changing bedsheets, watering plants, plumping up pillows and ordering food are also expected be automated. 


Experts have given their top predictions for what house technology will revolutionise home living in the near future.  When British people were asked which inventions they would most like to see in their future homes, house robots were the most popular, followed by cleaning drones and washing balls. The majority of Brits remain sceptical on the predicted inventions, with just two in five (42 per cent) believing that house robots will become reality by 2040

 1) House Robots

Predicted to start appearing in households in the 2030s. May cost around £25,000 at first. Able to load the dishwasher and put away pots and pans, fold the laundry, change sheets and move furniture. 

2) Multi-function Drones

Tiny drones will be commonplace in the 2030s and priced around £1 each. Some will pick up specks of dirt and cleaning surfaces, with variations also able to water plants and monitor security around the home. Some will shine an infrared beam at a room’s occupant to warm them as they move around the house

3) AI Butlers

Artificially Intelligent Butlers will be one of the biggest game-changers. They are best imagined as extremely advanced versions of Siri or Alexa. Take control of all routine life admin like paying bills, managing subscriptions, doing your shopping and constantly monitoring ways to save you time and money

4) Reverse Microwave

Not unlike today’s microwave oven, but designed to cool things down in seconds so wines and beers can be chilled in seconds rather than hours

5) Self-plumping Pillows 

Ensuring good sleep and cushions are re-plumped when someone gets up from the sofa

6) Washing Balls

A tennis-ball sized ultrasonic device that uses ultrasound to clean. Will be placed inside a pile or bucket of clothing to clean clothes without the need for a bulky washing machine

7) Super Smart Fridges

Super smart fridges will learn what you eat and reordering when stocks are low and even recommending recipes based on the contents and expiry dates of what’s in your fridge

8) Printed Food

3D printers will become much more common and used to make certain foods like cupcakes and sweets

9) Smarter Washing

Washing machines, whilst already becoming smarter, will be able to detect and wash away viruses from our clothes

10) Virtual Chefs

In the next 20 years we will see virtual chefs appear as holograms to help us cook every step of the way

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