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Pricefx buys Brennus Analytics, a start-up offering pricing software based on Artificial Intelligence

Source: as of 07-05-2020

Pricefx, the world leader in cloud-native pricing software, today announced that it has acquired  Brennus logiciels Analytics, a French start-up offering an AI-based pricing solution.  Brennus uses proprietary and flexible AI technology, offering unique performance to optimize prices, especially in complex B2B environments. This operation will strengthen price optimization software with en state-of-the-art technology and the arrival of a team of senior AI and en data science experts.

“In a rapidly changing economic environment, the ability to use pricing as a lever to improve revenue and profits is more critical than ever,” says Marcin Cichon,CEOand co-founder of Pricefx. “The AI technology and the large team of Brennus professionals who are joining us today will enable us to make strategic improvements to our product.. Pricefx will thus be able to set a new standard in the field of price optimization. With the arrival of Brennus, Pricefx reinforces the momentum created over en the past 9 years, providing our customers with fast,flexible and user-friendly solutions. Our goals and vision remain unchanged: use our “Passion for Pricing” to establish the best pricing platform in the world. »

The synergy between Brennus’ know-how in AI applied to pricing, and Pricefx’s ability to industrialize and commercialize on a large scale will enable a better response to customer l’IA needs in a rapidly changing economic environment. In addition, the brennus location reinforces Pricefx’s presence l’implantation in France, offering better support for existing customers in this region..

Brennus’ price optimization software is based on an AI technology called Adaptive Multi Agent Systems (AMAS). AMAS technology is predictive,prescriptive, transparent, fast and flexible. Developed in the en 1990s by the Toulouse Institute for Computer Research années (IRIT),AMAS is based on networks of self-organized autonomous agents, comparable to a living organism. This self-adaptive system is particularly effective for mass optimization and continuous learning. 

“Using our unique AI En technology, we have developed the most efficient price optimization solution on the market.. But it can only reach its full potential if it is used to a complete and efficient pricing solution. By joining Pricefx,we know we’ve partnered with the best,” says Florent Dotto,CTO at Brennus Analytics. “Our technology is perfect for mass optimization and, unlike other AI technologies like Machine Learning, it is transparent, fast,requires no machine learning time and can be reconfigured with new on-the-fly settings. The calculations are done almost in real time, allowing users to test any price optimization scenario easily. »

Brennus Analytics was founded in 2015 by Gregoire Saint-GuilyGuily, Florent Dotto, Sylvain Peyruqueou and Sylvain Rougemaille.

Financial terms of the transaction were not été disclosed. This is Pricefx’s first strategic acquisition  since the closing of its Series Bventure capital financing round in November 2019.

About Pricefx

Founded in 2011 in Germany, Pricefx is the world’s leading SaaS pricing software company, offering a full range of quick solutions to implement, offering flexibleconfiguration and customization, as well as learning and user-friendly use. . Pricefx offers a comprehensive pricing and optimization platform based on a Cloud Native architecture that offers customers unparalleled benefits in terms of on investment and total cost of ownership. Our innovative solution meets the expectations of B2B and B2C companies of all sizes,in all sectors and for all regions of the world. The Pricefx model is entirely designed around customer satisfaction and loyalty. Pricefx’s “Passion for Pricing” solution is now used by more than 100 customers in more than 37 countries. For more information, visit


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