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Source: as of 20-04-2020

( — Oncodesign, a biopharmaceutical group specializing in precision en medicine, today announced the establishment of its new Business Unit (BU) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and appointed Stéphane Gerart as its director.

“The reconfiguration of Oncodesign for the next five years in the form of three Business Units allows us to create an innovative and multidisciplinary biopharmaceutical group adapted to precision medicine to meet the challenges of its time. The implementation en of Général the BU Artificial Intelligence, supporting our innovation of tomorrow, is an important pillar of our strategy” comments Philippe Genne, Ceo and founder of Oncodesign.

“In order to oversee this new unit,we are delighted to welcome Stéphane Gerart to our management team. Stéphane will bring his solid experience in the processing of medical data and artificial intelligence to accompany us in the development of our Group as it enters a key phase of its development” adds Philippe Genne. The quality of its expertise in artificial intelligence, associated technologies, but also their adequate valuation within service offerings, are essential assets for prestations accelerating the development of the new BU IA.”

“This is the Oncodesign, the discovery of innovative new therapies effective against cancers and serious diseases without known treatment, which convinced me to join the Company’s teams. Beyonddelà words, I am convinced that Oncodesign has strong means to accomplish its mission, namely an important and qualitative database, but also the possibility in-house to generate new data in vitro or in animals to validate and challenge the models developed,”says  Stéphane Gerart, Director of buAI of Oncodesign.

“With this new BU, we will consolidate the huge reservoir of data accumulated by Oncodesign, while en optimizing the analysis processes by leveraging the best technologies. Concretely, our goal will be to reduce, thanks to artificial intelligence, the total development time l’intelligence of molecules from Oncodesign‘s platforms to lead them as quickly as possible to the candidate-drug stage. The road map is clear: to find therapeutic solutions for diseases without effective treatment today or for diseases in therapeutic failure.”

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