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Nice first city to launch AlloCOVID, an AI against coronavirus

Source: Webtime medias 18-05-2020

Nice is the first city in France to forge a public-private partnership with AlloCOVID,a voice assistant based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of understanding speech, interpreting and delivering a pre-diagnosis. A new tool against coronavirus that was developed by Allo-Media, a Parisian start-up passed by the Nice accelerator Allianz.

 In these times of pandemic and “health war”, Nice plays innovation on its “smart city” niche. The city,which is the first in France to have forged a “public-private”partnership with AlloCOVID, launched a real-time screening and monitoring experiment last weekend. . Developed by the startup Allo-Media in collaboration with l’INSERM researchers, this experiment en consists of a telephone connection with a voice assistant with artificial intelligence. . It is this AI that establishes an anonymous and free “pre-diagnosis” in order to relieve the 15th and by ricochet the UAS.

A robot capable of understanding, interpreting words and establishing a pre-diagnosis 

From an already operational call number, it is possible to get in touch with a robot capable of understanding, interpreting the words and identifying, through a series of questions, whether the person has symptoms of Covid 19. This then helps to steer it. Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day,”AlloCOVID” whose number is thus widely distributed by the city of Nice(0 806 800 540) can handle up to 1,000 simultaneous calls. 

In introducing the new service, Christian Estrosi pointed out that Artificielle “thiscet voice assistant uses 100% French Artificial Intelligence and offers guarantees of personal data protection”. This launch, added the mayor of Nice, is also a “recognition of the Smart City that we have been building for more than ten years.”

What AlloCOVID brings

First AlloCOVID “is responsible “to detect the Covid-19, via a questionnaire of up to three minutes and to find out if the caller is likely to be carrying the virus”. Then, he can “offer medical guidance based on the symptoms.” Finally, it will provide data to en “anticipate a second wave by benefiting from real-time information on the evolution of symptomatic cases in the territory.”.” Indeed, from the caller’s zip code that is registered (this is the only data that is taken), it is possible to detect new outbreaks of infections..

Developed by INSERM, e.Voyageurs SNCF, the startup Allo-Mediaand PrivacyImpact, AlloCOVID is the result of a collaboration between the research world and private companies, supported by the City of Nice, and takes the form of a public-private  partnership. It should be noted that while the startup AlloMedia,which designed AlloCOVID, is Parisian, it still has strong Azure ties: it was accelerated, in Nice, in 2017, where it was part of the fifth promotion of the accelerator Allianz, installed at the big azuréennes stadium. This tool also benefits from the support of the Paris Hospitals Foundation as well as technical and financial support from Orange, Allianz, University of Paris, Appligos-Opendev,Red River West, OVHCloud,SIPR, Voxygen,France Rein and Paris Transplant Group.

What’s next: integration with WhatsApp

The inhabitants of Nice (like all The French, who are faced with symptoms that would worry them, are therefore invited to call the alloCOVID number: 0 806 800 540. The service is for ans anyone over the age of 15 who has questions about their health. The robot, via automatic language processing, asks a series of questions about the observed symptoms in three en minutes and orients according to the answers. “Didyou have a fièvre fever? “, “Doyou have difficulty eating or drinking?”, “Do you have breathing problems?” … From the answers, he will be able to identify if the symptoms suggest fear of Covid 19, and thus direct the person to the dedicated service. 

The next step will be the integration with WhatsApp, to allow the use of AlloCOVID to people who would be more comfortable in writing or with disabilities not allowing appeal. It should be noted that Whatsapp has been authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for general information requests on the COVID 19 outbreak. As a reminder of the scale of the pandemic, this Monday morning, May 18, 315,000 deaths were recorded, including more than 28,000 in France and 237 in the Alpes-Maritimes…

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