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Source: ITProPortal as of 19-03-2020

AI in the enterprise is maturing, suggests new report.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise is maturing, according to a new report from O’Reilly. The report, called “AI Adoption in the Enterprise 2020”, states that 85 percent of organisations are either evaluating or using the new technology in production. According to O’Reilly, enterprises are showing signs of progress year-on-year, given that only 27 percent were in the “mature” phase last year, and 54 percent were in the “evaluation” phase.

Despite growth, businesses are still faced with similar roadblocks, such as finding and retaining skilled workers. This year, 18 percent of businesses cited this as their number one barrier to AI adoption. Data governance is also considered an issue, with a quarter (26 percent) planning to institute formal processes and tools by next year, with a further 35 percent hoping to do the same by 2023.

AI practices are maturing, and adopters are experimenting with sophisticated AI techniques and tools, which bodes well for the future advancement of AI in the enterprise,” said Rachel Roumeliotis, Strata Data & AI Conference Co-chair and Strategic Content Director at O’Reilly. “However, organisations will continue to struggle to expand and scale their AI practices if they don’t address the importance of data governance and data conditioning in ML and AI development.”

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