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Millions in funding for the project of DFKI and Saar-Uni

Source: Saarbruecker Zeitung as of 19-05-2020

A new data system is to use artificial intelligence to make the future more predictable for companies. ( np)
The Corona crisis has highlighted the extent to which companies are in trouble when supply chains are unexpectedly disrupted. The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Saar-Uni want to develop a system based on artificial intelligence (AI) with partners from business and science, which helps companies to make disruptions in the production process more predictable and to react to them in the best possible way, explains Saar-Uni. The Federal Ministry of Economics and participating companies are funding the project with more than ten million euros over the next three years. Many industries today ordered components and raw materials at short notice if required. Low flow levels, trade barriers or pandemics could stall production, which is the number one business risk, says Wolfgang Maaß, professor of business informatics at Saar-Uni and head of the Smart Service Engineering research department at DFKI. An AI system called Spaicer should ensure that entrepreneurs can detect and counteract potential disruptions at an early stage. The system should not only make visible the likely impact of impending problems on production, but also make recommendations for optimized production planning in the event of political conflicts. “For this purpose, trend analyses for raw material prices and analyses of political contributions are continuously incorporated into the system to predict disruptions such as the failure of suppliers,” explains Maaß. The researchers also fed their platform with predicted levels, temperature developments, or trends in the logistics industry. From this data, algorithms then calculate concrete solutions.
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