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Source: MacGeneration as of 30-03-2020

Mickael Bazoge 

Don’t call it  Office 365 anymore. The subscription to  Microsoft’s office suite  will  change its name from April  21  to   Microsoft  365  Family and Microsoft 365 Staff. The   contain access to the same software 1 and services 2 as before, except that the family formula allows use up to 6 people.  HYPERLINK “” 

Behind this  change  of  surname   lie  several  novelties  that  fuel   artificial intelligence.  In Word and Outlook,  Microsoft Editor  improves     a  text by streamlining it and  making   it  more  inclusive. In PowerPoint, Presenter Coach proposes to improve  his  speech  orally  l’oral. Word, Excel and PowerPoint   en will  host  PowerPoint Designer who  transforms   text  into   timelines  or   original layouts..  

Outlook will  be able to synchronize  the personal calendar  with the  professional. The  spreads heath  has  a  new personal finance management  tool  (first  in the  U.S.,  but the French version is  in the  pipes) as well as  new  data  management models (destinations  vacances hobbies, etc.).

Prices have  not  changed. Microsoft 365 Personnel will be  offered  at €6.99 per  month  or  €69 per year. Microsoft 365  Family  costs  €9.99 per  month  or  €99 per year.  Office 365  subscribers will  automatically  switch to the new  formula..

The Windows publisher s’est  didn’t   stop  in  such a good  way  and   also announces   some new features for its Edge browser:  Password Monitor to  manage  its passwords, tabs  presented  in a   passe side panel, Collections to  organize  its  research  on  interwebs,  a Microsoft Editor extension…

Finally, Microsoft has developed a new mobile app (iOS and Android), Family Safety, for Microsoft 365 subscribers. This is the equivalent of Screen Time, but to measure the time spent by everyone in front of their Android device, Xbox and PC (but not an iOS device or Mac). The app also includes tracking features for family members (notifications when someone arrives or leaves home or work). The app will be available in the coming months.


  1. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, plus Access and Publisher on PC. 
  2. 1TB of storage per user and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month. 
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