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Source: Journal de l’Agence as of 10-06-2020

The founders and the pitch

Martin Noel and Binta Gamassa are two data scientists by training, passionate about new technologies. They note that real estate, a sector that relies mainly on data, does not yet benefit from the latest technologies in this area. In September 2019, they founded the Lokimo platform, aimed at real estate professionals, in order to offer them a complete toolkit for data analysis.

The service

LokimoAI periodically and automatically aggregates a variety of data (real estate ad analysis, press articles, ETALAB, INSEE etc. ..) and combines it with artificial intelligence and big data techniques, to offer new information such as predicting price evolution over 3 years. In the form of a SaaS, all this data is viewable, searchable and marketable for each area of France with the possibility of creating reports.

The Lokimo tool is built around 3 main bricks.

  • Aggregation

Algorithms automatically collect and process data from multiple sources in order to extract and analyze information periodically (price of new, number of weekly ads per commune…).

  • Visualization and research

For every district in France, it is possible to view a lot of data. Number of buildings, majority age range, transport nearby or prices per square metre of different types of goods, in the form of graphs and explanatory tables. Users can choose the level of accuracy of the data they want to access. Finally, the advanced search feature allows you to explore new areas.

  1. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to all the information collected, the application has a 3-year range of predictions, showing the trends of the evolution of the m2 captured by their algorithms. The aim is to be able to extrapolate new data such as market saturation indicators and to understand in depth territorial dynamics.

Practical info


Email addresses:  /  /

Social networks: LinkedIn / Martin Noël / Binta Gamassa

Rates: Freemium package: free – Pro package: $99/month – Business package: Contact us

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