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Source: SiecleDigital as of 02-04-2020

LinkedIn helps job seekers and makes it easier for recruitment managers. 

In order to support its users who are looking for a new job, LinkedIn is deploying a new tool based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to this,users of the social network of professionals will be able to prepare their future job interviews, both in substance and form.

LinkedIn helps job seekers…

According to LinkedIn, more than 50% of people who are looking for a job say that job interviews are the steps they fear the most. So, to help its users better understand    this crucial moment and gain confidence in themselves, the social network of professionals has offered its  interview preparation tool a new feature based on artificial intelligence.

Thus, LinkedIn users will now be able to prepare their answers to the most common questions asked during job interviews, and then record them.  Artificial intelligence will then analyze them in order to identify areas for improvement. It will focus in particular on their speech rhythm, the number of times they use filling words, or the”sensitive” phrases they should avoid using in actual job interviews.

Note that this is not the first time LinkedIn has used AI. In January, the  social  network had  already  used  an  algorithm to identify users with abusive behavior and remove them from the platform.

… but also recruiters

In addition to this tool to train more efficiently at job interviews, LinkedIn is also unveiling a new feature to connect recruiters more effectively to candidates tailored to their requirements.

According to the social“ network, “80% of companies believe that non-technical skills are increasingly en important for their success”.. However, it is often difficult for recruiters to identify these skills when making a digital contact. To make this task easier, they will now be able to ask candidates to answer questions through an “introductory” video or in writing.

LinkedIn hopes the new feature will help recruiters identify key skills from the start of the recruitment process more quickly, allowing them to spend “more time on the most qualified profiles.” 

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