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Source: Channel News as of 26-05-2020

According l’on to Sujai Hajela, senior vice president of Enterprise at Juniper Networks, the company’s original WiFi Technology, driven by the company’s artificial intelligence, is a hit at the expense of Cisco Meraki. “If fut you’re interested in a real cloud and an AI engine, our success rate is even over 70% to 80%,” the former co-founder and CEO of Mist Systems told SDXcentral before Juniper bought the startup in April 2019. Last month, during the presentation of the first quarter results, Juniper published for the first time figures specific to Mist. CEO Tami Rahim explained that annualized bookings for the product range exceeded $100 million and doubled year-over-year. 

According to Sujai Hajela, Mist products are also of interest to customers looking for intentional network solutions. “The l’intention intent-based network will now evolve into an AI-led company, and the AI-led company is fundamentally user-driven,” he told our colleagues. “Human beings can complain. If you have a problem, you can complain. But suppose you’re using a robot. Well, robots don’t complain. They just stopped working.»

To track the end-user experience in real time and sift through the amount of data generated by a company, its devices, its customers and all its users, Mist has developed the Marvis AI engine, which relies on a distributed micro service architecture and scalable and elastic processing.  “We nous were inspired by LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Netflix, avons looked at what they had done and came out of a network with the first modern cloud stack on the market built from scratch,” said Sujai Hajela.

Since the acquisition of Mist, Juniper has expanded Marvis to cable networks and integrated Secintel into Mist and Marvis, ses merging its AI-focused business l’IA with Connected Security solutions.

More recently,the Sunnyvale firm has announced new Services based on Mist, including proximity tracing, route mapping and hot zone alerts. These services are designed to help businesses enable social distance and ensure the safety of employees when they return to the office.


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