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Source: Le Télégramme as of 28-06-2020

T The Hebrew state relies on the ingenuity of start-ups to defend themselves against coronavirus without endangering its economy. Illustration from the beginning of the pandemic with Ran Balicer Ran Balicer, head of innovation at Clalit, the largest healthcare provider in Israel. Its teams worked with the local start-up “Diagnostic Robotics” and the Ministry of Health to establish a questionnaire to which the population is asked to answer on their smartphone in case of the appearance of symptoms related to Covid-19.

The algorithm processes data on these symptoms to determine the likelihood of infection, explains Kira Radinsk, boss of Diagnostic Robotics.

“As the system identifies an increasing number of cases, an alert is sent to the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health. This allows resources to be allocated quickly where the needs are.” And so to close, for example, a neighborhood, a city, in order to prevent a “second wave”, without hindering the entire economy.

Thermal cameras

As the deconfination progressed, however, the number of infected people rose again, to the point that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself on Tuesday called for the use of “digital solutions.”

For example, Anyvision, which specializes in facial recognition technologies, installed special thermal cameras in a Tel Aviv hospital to let managers know who had a fever among staff.

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