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Source: SiecleDigital as of 29-05-2020

Having become the norm in companies to improve customer service, chatbots disappoint.

Artificial intelligence is transforming and will still transform many professions. This is particularly the case for customer service, which needs to be completely redesigned in the digital age.. Axys Consultants and Easyfront Consulting have just published their study to understand the impact of AI and digitalization on customer service.

The impact of digitalisation

This survey was conducted in February and March 2020 among 120 customer service managers in France. If we were to draw the robot portrait of customer service in 2020, here’s what it would look like: it is internalized in 93% of cases. Organized according to the channel at 31% and prioritizes the processing of applications by emergency to almost 40%. It is also observed that improving customer service is a priority for 92.5% of the companies surveyed.

Yet the survey points to doigt five weak links in this trade. These include automating tasks, exploiting customer data, analyzing the data collected,managing omnichannelity and the ability to generate a sale from incoming demand. We feel that among the weaknesses identified by customer service managers, digital and artificial intelligence could have very beneficial effects. 

Ai and customer service, what’s the deal?

Yet AI solutions have already been deployed in the field. The objective is above all the time saving. 35% of managers surveyed have set en up chatbots but are mostly disappointed.25% have put in place tools to analyze the feelings of their interlocutors.22.5% use an AI capable of automatically generating an account of the exchange with a client (the most satisfactory solution among all those cited in the survey).

In the near future, by 2021, the managers surveyed believe that it is the exploitation of data that will be the first position to benefit from massive investments. The goal is to take advantage of the data collected by customer service. Among the obstacles to the development of artificial intelligence in companies, respondents estimate 77.5% that it is because of its cost and 65% invoke the corporate culture tied with the fear of dematerialization.

The rise of voice assistants?

It should be noted, however, that voice assistants are among the technologies that companies want to accelerate.. Within 18 months,27.5% of the managers surveyed will have equipped their customer service with a voice assistant. No wonder according to Franz Fodéré, founder of Zaion,who believes  that the hybridization of the voice channel is on the move in the customer relationship.

Do voice assistants represent the future of customer service? client ? In December 2019, Interflora launched an Alexa ski to order to pay for flowers  with  the  voice.. The company became the first company to harness the potential of Amazon’s artificial intelligence to sell its products. “Voice commerce” could generate $40 billion in 2022, according to the firm OC and C Strategy. One can imagine that customer service en also benefits. 

Find the full infographic of this survey right here:

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