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Source: ITProPortal as of 12-03-2020

Intuition, creativity, experience are all traits of great value to cybersecurity experts.

Despite Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming an increasingly invaluable part of the corporate cybersecurity tech stack, industry professionals are still more confident in the findings verified by humans. A new report by WhiteHat Security polled industry professionals at the recent 2020 RSA Conference, finding that organisations are showing the need to incorporate both AI– and human-centric offerings, especially when it comes to application security. The report uncovered that three-quarters of respondents use an application security tool, while some 40 per cent use both AI– and human-based verification.

AI is of tremendous help. For 40 per cent, stress levels have declined since incorporating AI in their security tech stack, and for two-thirds (65 per cent), adding AI resulted in having more time to focus on cyberattack mitigation and preventive measures. Still, AI is a long way from being a replacement for a human. Thirty per cent of respondents claim intuition is our strongest element, while a fifth (21 per cent) emphasise the importance of creativity. For another fifth, previous experience is essential.

“With the growing cyberthreat landscape, it is imperative for security tools and organisations to have a combination of both AI and the human element so there can be continuous risk evaluation with verified results,” said Anthony Bettini, CTO at WhiteHat Security.

“For all its advantages, AI is still heavily reliant on humans to be successful. Human monitoring and continuous input are required if AI software is to successfully learn and adapt. This is why the human element will never be completely eradicated from the security process.”

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