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Source: CTB as of 09-04-2020

Based on research results  from  the University of Burgundy and a maturing of SATT SAYENS, the start-up WITTYM  pursues   the ambition  to  become  an international player in BIM. Its  trump  card:    artificial intelligence.

Put people at the heart of the building thanks to artificial intelligence

This is the challenge of the start-up WITTYM, which offers, via its web platform dedicated to BIM, a solution for the optimal exploitation of data, processes and business knowledge in the construction sector. The generalisation of BIM in the construction sectors – particularly under regulatory pressure – and the development of digital (and IoT) in the context of connected building, generate a massification (or even complexity) of the data available to the players involved at the various stages of construction projects.

In a potential market for data services of more than 6 billion euros per year, WITTYM intends to play a role in providing its stakeholders (architects, designers, construction teams, structural engineers and civil engineering) with adapted, simple and open solutions. These will meet their needs for data sharing, traceability, cost control and reduce errors, which are often sources of litigation.

From maturation to equity participation of the start-up: a successful technology transfer

Born almost 20 years ago from the research of Professor Christophe NICOLLE at the University of Burgundy (Ea 7533 CIAD Associate Team), in the field of knowledge engineering, the API WITTYM has been the subject of a maturation program within SATT SAYENS. The contributions of the SAYENS team, alongside Christophe NICOLLE, have enabled the development of a web services platform (without having to load a specific visualization software) accessible in SaaS mode incorporating artificial intelligence bricks. On the other hand, they helped define the business-development strategy, an essential step that led them to create the start-up WITTYM through the meeting with James GRIVET, then looking for an entrepreneurial project.

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