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Source: The Web Writer Spotlight as of 28-04-2020

Modern technology is already transforming the world in powerful and surprising ways. Most of our house chores, for example, are managed by machines these days. The latest machine models also help entrepreneurs in identifying and shaping market trends. When it comes to entertainment, you don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy your favorite movies. You can just choose from a range of affordable streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to enjoy the latest movies or subscribe to binge-watch your favorite TV shows right from home. And you can even make appointments with a healthcare professional and get yourself checked online. Many of these things have become possible thanks to the tremendous advancements in Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. According to VR Vision Group, which provides custom development of virtual and augmented reality solutions, VR creates simulated environments that we can submerse ourselves into, while AI aims to outfit technological devices with the keen insight and perception of a responsive being. Both those technologies are set to merge and create a whole new world of possibilities.

15 Top Predictions Regarding the Future of AI and VR

While there are already so many applications of AI around us, how will the future of both AI and VR look like? Here are several ways our future will get shaped by these technologies:

1. Improved Healthcare

Healthcare will get completely transformed by AI. Impressive AI software will keep the patient’s record safe and will be able to prescribe personalized medicine based upon the data. Also, robots are expected will be able to perform surgeries and do a regular checkup of patients. When all these operations will be handled by robots, it will free time for healthcare professionals to explore other areas of development and improvement.


2. Improved Housing

AI will help humans to solve the housing crisis effectively in the future. It will help humans in building homes that are according to each household’s particular needs and personal budget. So, people wouldn’t need to get worried about not having enough to build a house in the future.

3. Effective Therapy

The VR technology is already helping patients recover from phobias and traumas extra. As this technology will become cheaper and more prevalent in the future, it will be used by common people to ensure their mental well-being.

4. Better Training

VR can help in providing training to the construction and manufacturing industries’ workers. Through this technology, workers can be made aware of the potential dangers and other aspects of a particular site. So, in this way, the risk of any on-site accidents will be minimized.

5. Immersive Shopping

VR is already being used to enhance the shopping experience. Consumers are using it to try out products that they’re considering in a virtual reality environment before they make a purchase. For example, they can test drive a car or try on clothing virtually. “While virtual shopping is certainly exciting, AI will enhance the experience even more,” notes VR Vision Group. “For example, a shopper who is interested in buying furniture can use VR to test out couches and chairs they’re interested in, while AI can introduce a virtual sales associate who could make recommendations, answer questions, and even complete a sale.”


6. Improved Education

Through the use of AI, students will be able to receive a personalized education. Every student will be able to learn new concepts and skills at his/her own pace without the fear of being left behind. Also, through the use of VR, complex scientific concepts will be explained easily and more effectively than traditional methods.

7. Better Predictive Modeling

AI will greatly transform the future of predictive modeling. In the past, predictive modeling has not been accurate because of unreliable or incomplete sources. Now, with the use of AI, experts will be able to rely on the huge data gathered and make accurate predictions regarding the future. This holds great potential for the business industry as the companies will be able to predict market trends and manage their products/services timely.

8. Better Recruitment

Through the effective use of AI, it will become very easy to hire the right talent. Each company will specify its own set of core values and required skills. The AI software will go through the list of prospects and find the top ones that share a particular company’s core values. So, companies will easily approach these candidates without wasting much time and money on traditional recruitment processes.

9. Better Understanding of Consumer Behavior

Companies will be able to better understand their customers’ preferences. AI technology will gather data regarding a customer and will help companies in managing their products/services based upon this data. This data will also help companies develop better marketing strategies to attract a wider audience.

10. Better Entertainment

VR is truly transforming the world of entertainment and gaming. Game developers will be able to incorporate 3D technologies and real-time rendering software within the VR technology to give the user engaging and immersive gaming experience. Through VR, people will be able to enjoy HD panoramic cinematic experience.

11. Augmented Intelligence

VR and AI technologies will get combined to give rise to augmented intelligence. Since machines will begin to perform the majority of cognitive tasks, humans will have more time to think about superior things. Also, communication will improve greatly as a result of better interaction between humans and machines.


12. Smart Home Technology

AI will transform your home into a smart one. From the door locks to the room blinds, everything will become automated. Nowadays, such robots are in the making that will be able to cook gourmet dishes and do the laundry for you. So, you can expect to have more time for yourself in the future.

13. True Social Media

In the near future, current social media features like chat windows will be laughable. Soon we’ll be able to meet our friends in both real or virtual environments, and interact as if they’re in the same room. The processing power required is high, but still within grasp. Don’t be surprised to find that you’ll be able to relax over a virtual coffee with a friend who is halfway around the world. In fact, even virtual assistants like Siri or Cortana can only get better with the convergence of AI and VR technology, enabling AI enabled voice commands to be display in virtual reality.

14. Better Data Analytics

AI technology will greatly transform every industry’s operations. Through big data technology, huge chunks of data will get sorted and prepared for future use. Companies wouldn’t have to hire experts to perform complex analytical operations. AI software will save the companies both time and money.  

15. Dynamic Travel and Tourism

Hotels, resorts, amusement parks, top tourist locations and airlines are already using VR technology to give their prospective customers a look at what they will experience. With VR travelers can get a glimpse of what staying at a resort will be like, or what exploring a destination will entail. Now, with AI added into the mix, customers will have the opportunity to experience potential trips in an even more dynamic way. Prospective travelers can use VR to tour locations they’re interested in, and they can use AI to help them make decisions about their trips.


AI and VR technologies are greatly transforming how we think about and experience reality. The future can only be greater. But we may have to wait for a couple of years for all of that to happen.

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