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Source: Magazine Economie as of 22-06-2020

The measures taken by companies to combat the Covid-19 may have led to problems and tensions., the first site that allows the resolution of disputes assisted by artificial intelligence (AI)  puts its technology on the profile of litigants to help them solve small-scale disputes that may have been caused by coronavirus control measures.

Although the majority of businesses and individuals have complied with and implemented government measures, they have led to questioning and practices that are sometimes abusive. This has led to disputes that are important to resolve..  was launched earlier this year. As stated, this platform uses AI to help the French use mediation,a solution that optimizes the time to settle amicably for  disputes less than 5,000 euros. This is in accordance with the law that came into force on 1 January 2020.

Neutral accompaniment

If you are facing a small dispute that may have been caused by the Covid-19 control measures,  can help you resolve it through artificial intelligence.
Don’t forget:  in this period of deconfinement, remember to protect yourself with a protective mask,but also to respect the barrier gestures.

To take advantage of the mediation put in place, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. The applicant must explain his situation in a form;
  2. Its situation is then analysed by the AI modelled by a team of professionals composed of developers, lawyers, lawyers and magistrates. Context analysis is done free of charge. The provisions of the act are also analyzed.
  3. The platform gives statistical indicators such as: an estimate of damages, the mediation score, court delays…

If the applicant is still interested in mediation, Then  contacts the opponent to inform him of this mediation proposal. It is then the AI that comes into play: both  parties are accompanied by artificial intelligence from start to finish, from negotiation to drafting the agreement reached between the two parties, but also from signing it directly online and settling the amounts due by card, if any.

If the mediation failed, the company provides evidence of the mediation attempt. This is now required before a judicial procedureis put inplace.

On the price side, the platform offers mediations in the form of a package of 36 euros TTC. This price includes the entire process, but also a satisfied or refunded guarantee.

Note that the experts on  update the platform on a daily basis. This daily update is due to the fact that new arrangements are made every day. is a recent platform, but it is very interesting to help you in resolving small disputes that may have been caused by the health crisis. If you are currently facing one, do not hesitate to use its mediation service to try to resolve it amicably.

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