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Source: FZN as of 12-07-2020

Facebook is more than just a social network: with more than two billion users worldwide, the platform also wants to establish itself in the e-commerce sector. She has already taken a step with “Facebook Marketplace” which allows to publish classifieds selling online.

Facebook is now taking it to the next level with GrokNet, its new shopping tool  boosted by artificial intelligence (AI). This is a brand new visual recognition feature that automatically identifies all items for sale on the platform.

It has been announced that GrokNet has been deployed on Facebook Marketplace since the week of May 19.

A new tool to facilitate sales and shopping

Facebook presents GrokNet as a “universal product recognition  model.” Thanks to artificial intelligence, the tool is able to recognize any product in a photo. It can also identify attributes, such as color, texture or patterns.

To do this, the program underwent intensive training with a database of more than 100 million images, most of which came from Marketplace. To date, the tool would be able to identify 90% of the products in the “House and Garden” category of the platform.

GrokNet has been specially designed to make life easier for people who sell products on Facebook. The tool allows them to easily identify and describe their items, and thus quickly put them up for sale. Users will just have to upload a photo of their products to Marketplace and the AI will automatically generate a short description.

Facebook stocked up on new e-commerce options

Determined to make a good place in e-commerce and e-shopping, Facebook is multiplying its initiatives by offering new practical tools to make life easier for users. The launch of GrokNet comes just days after Facebook announced another new online commerce feature: “Facebook Shops.”

It allows businesses and merchants to easily create a virtual store on their professional Facebook page, but also on their Instagram page. Facebook has not yet specified whether GrokNet is available on Shops, but this should be soon.

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