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Source: FZN as of 23-06-2020

With Google Keen, the internet giant wants to allow us to wasteless time on the internet by offering us content that falls within our interests. While the concept reminds us how Pinterest works, Google wants to go even further by focusing on artificial intelligence.

With more than 1.5 billion active websites worldwide today, the Internet is a vast source of information. However, the wide variety of platforms available sometimes wastes us time as it is difficult to find content that matches its interests. In order to solve this problem, Google has launched Keen (passion) in experimental mode. This is a new project integrated into the internal Area 120 incubator. The app is already available on both the web and Android.

Before you can use it, however, you must have a Google account.

Keywords related to interests

Once logged into their Google account, users will be asked to enter keywords and descriptions that match their interests, i.e. the topics they like to see on the Web.

The resemblance to the concept implemented by Pinterest, however, ends there. In fact, in addition to creating folders where you can collect any form of content (photos, articles, etc.), Keen relies on machine learning to display personalized suggestions.

It is worth noting that the user will be able to keep his collection to himself or share it with other people. Provided, of course, that they are also members of Google Keen. The app is also able to send alerts via email when new content is available.

Machine learning to ensure continuous development

By opting for machine learning, and therefore, artificial intelligence, it is obvious that Google wants to allow Keen users not to get lost on the internet thanks to content recommendations that live up to their expectations. However, this technology will also allow it to ensure the continuous improvement of its new application.

It remains to be seen whether Keen will really be able to satisfy us since the promises are huge… and the saturated market.

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