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Source: SicleDigital as of 06-05-2020

The tool contacts Spanish businesses to update their hours on Google.

According to the media VentureBeat, the AI of Google Duplex has just been deployed in Spain. In particular, it will contact businesses in order to know their schedules during the Covid-19 pandemic, and then update the information indicated on Search and Maps.

Make your reservations for you

Presented at the 2018 I/O conference by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Duplex is paired with the Google Assistant to perform its tasks.The tool replaces individuals in order to make reservations in a restaurant or to order cinema tickets. . In practical terms, Duplex is in charge of contacting the business via telephone and tells it the terms set by the user. When this is done, the latter receives a notification confirming the booking.

You can see a Duplex demonstration in the video below:

Duplex was originally launched in 48 U.S. states and was only operable from Google’sPixel smartphones. Since then, AI has been deployed in New Zealand, then in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, but is less developed in these countries than in the United States. Android and iOS devices have also been able to operate Duplex since April 2019. 

The arrival of Duplex in Spain is significant: AI is now able to speak and understand the Spanish language. Its use in the Iberian Peninsula is limited at the moment: it cannot make reservations yet, but is busy updating the schedules of the country’s businesses on the Google Search and Google Maps platforms.

A controversial tool

Calls made by Duplex are recorded by Google who use them to improve the efficiency of its tool. The correspondent is informed at the beginning of a call and may refuse to be recorded,the conversation will then be transferred to a human operator. . On top of that,  AI has attracted strong criticism  as its performance is successful: its intonations and interjections perfectly mimic the way of speaking Man.

While this controversy does not seem to dampen Google’s intention to deploy Duplex, the Covid-19 pandemic is slowing down the firm. It is thereby difficult to say when AI will arrive in other countries, its usefulness is also very limited with the closure of restaurants, bars and cinemas. 

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