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Source: SiecleDigital as of 06-04-2020

WaveNetEQ is a machine learning model capable of replacing short sounds when your audio data gets lost along the way.

While video conferencing  applications  are experiencing a record download  peak, Google decides to improve its Google Duo application through artificial intelligence.  The goal of WaveNetEQ, the AI developed  by Google, is to replace lost audio data when  your connection is unstable.

WaveNetEQ: the AI  that  fills  the  gaps on Google Duo

It’s a   high-level    task  that Google  asks   of this artificial intelligence,  based  on machine learning: fill in the  blanks  when your audio data  gets  lost along the way..  WaveNetEQ should replace  your  voice  when it is  altered  by  a  bad Internet connection.  An  artificial noise that  resembles human speech,   generated  by machine learning,  will give the impression  that  you  are  still  there..

This is the perfect time to launch  such an innovation for Google Duo. Indeed,  the quasi-global containment encourages us to go through  such applications to  keep a link with our  friends  and  family. Google already has an  app  dedicated  to  professionals..  You   robably know her,  it’s called Hangouts Meet. Google Duo  is  an  app that was born  in  2016. At  the time,Google  wanted  to compete with  FaceTime  en  by offering its app on iOS. Today  the app even  has  its  web version..

A little technological gem

Today it  seems  that Google is coming back in force with its application  aimed  at individuals. The  en company’s researchers  estimate  that  99% of  calls  suffer  a  loss  of  audio data .20%  of  them    lose more than 3% and 10%  lose more than 8%. That’s    a lot of audio data  to  replace. To deal with this problem,Google makes the  choice  of  artificial intelligence

Usually, the concealment of   data loss  can quickly  look    robotic  or  repetitive. With WaveNetEQ’s solution,  based  on  DeepMind’s neural  network technology, Google believes  it has found the right solution. This artificial  intelligence was formed  on  data  from  more than 100  different people  in 48  languages..

Obviously this artificial  intelligence  was  designed  to  replace short sounds, not whole words.  After 120  milliseconds  of silence,  artificial intelligence  goes out..  In short,  this is a gem of  technology  that should  make your  calls much more  fluid when  your connection is  lacking. This technology  is already  available  for  Duo calls made on Pixel 4 smartphones.

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