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Source: Qapa News as of 29-07-2020

In an ever-changing world where new technologies are constantly reinventing our daily lives, both personal and professional, the advent of artificial intelligence will significantly redefine the working process. But also the profiles and skills sought by companies.


This new typology puts companies in the face of a big change. Very quickly, they became aware of the growing need for new profiles, without understanding which skills to orient themselves towards.

AI is a mechanical, inhuman intelligence, capable of performing only one action in an obsessive and perfectly accurate way. It’s the left part of the brain. On the other hand, creativity, imagination, risk and decision-making, innovation are virtues unique to the right part of the brain. Inaccessible to AI, soft skills are therefore the playground of the human, and will be indispensable to companies that will implement artificial intelligence in their processes and their corporate culture.


To prepare for the AI tidal wave, companies need to consider three key elements.

1 We need to audit. What can AI bring to the company? How can it help facilitate, speed up or rethink day-to-day tasks? Artificial intelligence must serve the needs of the company, not the other way around. So do not hesitate to make the day before and ask the right questions.

2 Take stock of skills. What is the corporate culture? What is managerial policy? These answers will help to anticipate the brakes and avoid blockages in the face of a team that may have difficulty adopting new tools.

3 But above all you have to educate! Indeed, reassure employees to better answer questions about artificial intelligence.


Everyone now wants to be an actor in their lives, no longer to live work as a constraint. QAPA’s mission is to free up the job market by meeting the aspirations of employees and businesses. Thanks to the technology, QAPA saves time, flexibility and flexibility for employees and recruiters alike.

QAPA promotes the inclusion of non-executives and a non-discriminatory approach. Our matching algorithms only take into account the candidates’ equal opportunity skills.

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