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Fortinet introduces self-learning artificial intelligence appliance for sub-second threat detection

Source: Manila Bulletin as of 13-03-2020

Fortinet has announced FortiAI, a first-of-its-kind on-premises appliance that leverages self-learning Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to speed threat remediation and handle time consuming, manual security analyst tasks.

FortiAI’s Virtual Security Analyst embeds one of the industry’s most mature cybersecurity artificial intelligence –developed by Fortinet’s Forti Guard Labs– directly into an organization’s network to deliver sub-second detection ofadvanced threats. Security architects confront many challenges when it comes to discovering and remediating threats, including:

– Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. While traditional cyber threats continue, sophistication of advanced attacks –often enabled by artificial intelligence, machine learning and open source communities– are increasing. As a result, organizations and their defenses are challenged to keep pace with threat evolution.

– The attack surface is expanding. Millions of new applications, growing cloud adoption and the increase in connected devices are creating billions of edges that security teams need to properly protect and manage. Organizations are challenged to keep pace with the threat volume resulting from many potential entry points.

– Security teams are constrained due to the cyber skills shortage.The cybersecurity industry faces a skills gap that has become a top emerging risk for organizations.

There are not enough skilled professionals available to properly triage, investigate and respond to the growing number of threats–potential and actual –making it easier for cybercriminals to outpace legacy security processes and tools.

To address these challenges faced by security professionals today, Fortinet is unveiling FortiAIVirtual Security Analyst to accelerate threat remediation. FortiAIhandles many of the time consuming, manual tasks currently expected of security professionals, preserving their time for higher value security functions. Also, the FortiAI’s self-learning capabilities continue to get smarter once deployed in an organization’s network.

FortiAI leverages Deep Learning known as Deep Neural Networks, which mimic neurons in the human brain, to make complex decisions based on its scientific analysis of threats specific to the organization where it is deployed.

As FortiAI’s artificial intelligence continues to mature, organizations benefit from having FortiAI’s Virtual Security Analyst effectively transform and adapt threat protection.

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