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Source: SiecleDigital as of 06-03-2020

Thanks to Deep Entity Classification Facebook gathers and analyzes up to 20,000 features on each profile to make its decision.

By Valentin Cimino  –  @ciminix

 In  2019, Facebook has  once again  faced  a  major scourge: fake  accounts.  The  social  network has just   revealed  how  dont  it  has dealt with  the  problem. An  artificial intelligence based  on a machine learning  model has  deleted  nearly  6.6 billion fake  accounts..

The AI Deep Entity Classification  has  deleted  6.6 billion fake  accounts

It’s a  bit  like  the    cat-and-mouse game: as soon as  one  fake  account  is deleted,  another  one appears..  It’s  a endless job for  Facebook’s teams.  To deal with  this  scourge  that does  not  seem to fade  over the    years,  a team of engineers  from Facebook has developed a  particularly  effective learning tool, which has already  removed 6.6 billion fake  2019. They  developed  an artificial  intelligence  called Deep Entity  Classification  (DEC). A    machine learning  model capable  of analyzing  the  behavior  of  profiles  and   their  interactions with the  rest of the  community..

 To do  its work,  artificial intelligence  will  look for information in  depth: the interactions of a profile  in  groups,  its  activity  of  tracking  pages, how  dont  it  interacts with the  rest  of his  community… In  short,  Facebook’s AI   is able to know  very  quickly  if  an  account  was  actually  created  by  a  human  person  or if it is  just  a bot. A   major step forward  in  this endless struggle.  

DEC even takes  the analysis  even further. When  artificial  intelligence  has identified a  profile  that  could be akin  to a fake  account,  it also  analyzes  the  number of administrators    in the  group  where  the  profile is located , the  members  who make it up  or the date of the  group’s  creation.  An  in-depth analysis  of  the  suspicious  profile community is  also carried out to make the right final decision.   This is  what  Facebook  calls  “deep features.”

The war is  far from  won for Facebook

For Bochra  Gharbaoui,  head of data  science at Facebook, the  deployment  of  this  AI  is  a  success. She  told   that:  .   “Our artificial  intelligence  has  reduced the estimated volume of fake  accounts by  27%.  I estimate  that the volume of fake  accounts  on Facebook  is  now  5%. The  problem  is the ferocious adaptation  cycle of fake accounts.  .  They  are  becoming more  en and more sophisticated.”.

Artificial intelligence gathers 20,000 pieces of information  for  each  profile  studied..  This is  now  necessary according to  Facebook, because fake  accounts  know  perfectly  how to look  real in the  eyes  of  detection  tools. .  The analysis  must  therefore  be pushed,  because the bots  adapt, just like a  virus. Facebook  is not sure, however,  that it can  win the war  against fake accounts.  It’s  only  a  matter of time  before  attackers find  a  way   around  this  new  tool..

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