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Source: Le HuffPost as of 05-04-2020


To avoid  a  second wave of  coronavirus patients,  they  recommend  above  all  to avoid  an overall deconfinment  of  the entire  population. 

TECHNO – A dozen   doctors   propose to use  artificial   intelligence  to  get out  of the  period  of  deconfinement  in France without  risking reviving the epidemic  of Covid-19, in   an  opinion piece  published  in the Journal of  Sunday,  April 5 .

According to the signatories  of  this  forum,  Sadek  Beloucif,  anesthesiologist,  Patrick  Berche,  microbiologist,Patrick Joubert,  datascientist, Xavier  Jouven,  cardiologist  and  epidemiologist, VincentMaréchal,  virologist, AlexandreMignon,  anesthesiologist resuscitator,  Didier  Payen,  anesthesiologist resuscitator,  Gilles  Pialoux,  infectiologist and Eric  Vicaut,  biostatistician,  there  are  several  scenarios for exiting deconfinment.

In their view,the  strategy  to  deconfin the entire  population would expose people who have  not  yet  been  sick to the virus and  there could be  a   “second wave of the  pandemic”.”.  Hearing  in the National Assembly, Édouard Philippe also  suggested   that a massive and global deconfinement would not  be  the  preferred measure. .

Another  strategy  would be  to  control  populations through mobile applications,  as   can  be  the  case in Asian countries, to confine  sick people  and  those  they  have  frequented..  But  in  their  eyes,”it doesn’t look like  France” and  people  might  object.  

Artificial intelligence  “CovidIA”” 

They argue  for the  use  of artificial     intelligence, via  an  initiative  called  CovidIA,which  would en  “implement artificial intelligence models based on  initial  hypotheses about  the disease”and test results, combined with “geolocation  data  contained in mobile phones,  in  a  controlled, anonymous and aggregated.”

This method  could  lead  to   “increasingly  en reliable predictions,”  they argue..  In this context, they ask “the authorities  that,  on a temporary  and controlled basis, health data  and  certain  data  from  mobile  operators be made available, after  anonymization  and  encryption,on a voluntary basis, all controlled  by the CNIL and the relevant authorities”.”.  

The task  of  overseeing  the  deconfinement was  entrusted  to Jean   Castex,mayor of Les Républicains  de   Prades,  close to Nicolas Sarkozy and  collaborator of Xavier Bertrand  when he  was  Minister  of Health. A “formidable  high-ranking official  of efficiency,”  in  the words of the Prime  Minister  himself  from the ranks  of the right.

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