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Source: Thüringer Allgemeine (Arnstadt) as of 24-06-2020

Visit to the 4.0 Competence Center at the TU Ilmenau Ilmenau.
Artificial intelligence, its safety and liability is the basis for discussion during the visit of Marion Walsmann, CDU member of the European Parliament, to the model factory Networking of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 4.0 Competence Center Ilmenau at the Technical University of Ilmenau. In the Eu Parliament, the Thuringian is leading the report on the safety of products that contain new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). Together with Mauricio Matthesius, Managing Director of the Competence Center, and Jean Pierre Bergmann, Head of Ilmenau Manufacturing Technology at the TU, questions about product safety and liability and ethical principles of AI were discussed. As the use of AI will increase the ability of products to develop themselves and to change product functions in the future, the establishment of regulations on the protection of users and consumers is also of great relevance at EU level. Following the discussion, a tour took place in the field of manufacturing technology, where employee Markus Glaser presented a stirrer welding machine that uses AI for process monitoring. It could detect the smallest, invisible to the eye, dirt that could affect the quality of the weld, and stop the process directly. This will conserve resources by reducing the production of waste. Mathias Eiber from the model factory Networking showed at a live demonstration how the use of blockchain, i.e. data sets, enables companies to work together securely. Orders could be processed together, the corresponding files are stored in the blockchain without gaps and tamper-proof and can even be restored in the event of a PC failure, which can protect the entrepreneurs from claims for recourse, for example. Ms Walsmann, an MEP from Thuringia, stressed after the visit: “At European level, we have already begun to create a legal framework for AI. It is important to me to bridge the gap between creating legal clarity for businesses on the one hand and strengthening citizens’ confidence in new technologies on the other.” Tp
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