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Source: Le Journal du Montreal as of 09-06-2020

If you are like me not very good at drawing, this software will make you a master of portraits, so realistic that they would be thought to be photos.

This software is the work of researchers from the University of Hong Kong and the Academy of Sciences in China. Called DeepFaceDrawing, this Artificial Intelligence (AI)-managed program creates real-time faces from simple traits.

This program is reminiscent of that of graphics card giant Nvidia, which makes it possible to produce realistic landscapes from simple sketches thanks to artificial intelligence.

Read here on Weigh on Start.

Take a look at the DeepFaceDrawing video posted by the site on YouTube, the result is frankly amazing and, as I wrote, in real time, every change to the sketch is immediately rendered in the photo.

See it on YouTube.

It takes an expert eye to find on the photos the small subtle details that make the difference between a photo of one person from another created by algorithms.


This discovery found on several sites including the Journal du geek, this ai drawing program could be used for the purpose ofreconstructing robot portrait by law enforcement or producing characters in video games or movies.

But, on the flip side, this program could be used for dishonest or malicious purposes to defraud, create fake documents from fictional characters or flood social media with hundreds of thousands of fake accounts that will influence public opinion since there is virtually no verification of the adherence of new profiles.

We are only at the beginning of the era of artificial intelligence, so that as techniques improve, we will see more and more programs that will reduce the boundaries between reality and the virtual.

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