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Source: as of 26-07-2020

Spotted by Christophe-Cécil Garnier  — July 26, 2020 at 3:59 p.m. — updated July 26, 2020 at 7:35 p.m.

The “graphic designer” Nikolay Ironov has some commercial successes behind him.

Nikolay Ironov is a graphic designer for the Russian design company Art. Lebedev Studio. For the past year, he has been designing logos for influencers, restaurants or applications and new products. Through his portfolio, we can see ideas of original and daring identities. Except Nikolay Ironov doesn’t exist. The “graphicr” is an artificial intelligence directly designed by the design studio, explains The Next Web. Enriched by a database of vector images, this AI can generate a logo tailored to the needs and needs of any customer.

Last month, the Russian studio decided to reveal the truth to its customers. “Many of our clients were extremely pleased with all the media buzz surrounding the project… But what is even more interesting is that many of them were satisfied with the result before they knew Nikolay,”said the studio’s artistic director Sergey Kulinkovich, contacted by The Next Web.

How did the artificial intelligence behind Nikolay Ironov work? A human user had to enter the name of the company or brand that wanted its logo with a text to define it. The AI then chose a series of keywords and its algorithm created a logo with associated colors.

However, not all of these creations are masterpieces, says The Next Web. “We teach Nikolay to constantly “draw” new things and develop new visual styles, but we keep him relatively free and we try not to limit it too much. This is why some of his works may seem relatively insane, even ugly. Our challenge is to find new things in graphic design and create really contrasting and truly unique works,”adds Sergey Kulinkovich.

Meanwhile, by causing some success with real trademarks, Nikolay Ironov has proven that artificial intelligence is not a distant future for design, but its present.

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