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Source: QAPA News as of 09-04-2020

At first glance, one might  think  that the relationship between CSR and  artificial intelligence within  the company  can  be difficult as  it  generates misunderstandings on both  sides.   .

There is good  reason to hope that they  could  become  fair and live  in  harmony..  Especially since  CSR and  artificial intelligence are  doomed to coexist. On the  condition that  the company  take the initiative to implement  a  project to combat  the prejudices linked to the myths of artificial intelligence.

The social aspect of CSR, particularly within the competence of the HR function, is impacted by the arrival of artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence applications are geared towards  many of the company’s activities and functions. These have a strong capacity for transformation and performance. From production, supply chain, accounting and administrative functions, to finance or marketing, and, last but least, human resources.  The irresistible rise of artificial intelligence seems to be sweeping everything in its path.


These changes  are  at the root of the transformation of management systems.  These innovations, changes,and transformations raise ethical questions. Some consider AI and other technologies to be a danger. And other than that they are indispensable for the common good. 

Anyway, it is clear that current  scientific  and technological advances do not only transform society, trades, economy.  But also our ways of thinking,  even our perception of the world.

Do   they,  however, challenge the notion of being human?  Can CSR and  artificial intelligence live together?


According to some studies, the socio-economic impacts of  AI  must  be  beneficial for society as a whole and not  just  for  the  privileged few. Artificial intelligence research must  include everything that makes smart behaviors, not just “the most reasonable aspects.”  


 For UNESCO, the risks associated with AI  are threefold:    

  • The scarcity of work. Which  is  run by machines in place of human beings.  .

The autonomy of  the  human being and  his freedom are  not  necessarily  called into  en question by  the AI.   As  long as   one remains  vigilant in the face of intrusions into privacy.

The United Nations Educational Organization, Science and Culture Organization  considers that work is not at risk  of  disappearing,  it  is sometimes  radically  transformed, and calls on new  skills.

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