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Source: L’Usine Digitale as of 06-05-2020

Foch Hospital has equipped itself with AI-based medical imaging software to detect lung damage caused by Covid-19. The tool, developed by Germany’s Siemens Healthineers, was successfully tested on 150 patients.

Foch Hospital (Suresnes) uses medical  imaging software based on artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and quantify lung damage  caused  by Covid-19. Presented on  May 5,  2020, “CT Pneumonia Analysis” aims to facilitate the work of  radiologists  in great  demand  during the current health  crisis. 

This  software was tested in 150 patients at the hospital and demonstrated that pulmonary abnormalities correlated with severe symptoms of the virus.

This tool  is the result of a collaboration between Foch Hospital and Siemens  Healthineers. To  develop  this algorithm, the German company also worked  with the American  health  group Northwell Health, the  University Hospital of Basel  in Switzerland  and the Vancouver General Hospital in Canada. “CT Pneumonia Analysis” is currently only used  for  l’instant medical research. Siemens  Healthineers wants to be clear on  this issue: “its future availability as a product cannot be  guaranteed”.

The software  automatically segments  the  lung and pulmonary lobes. The extent of the  diseased areas is automatically calculated and represented by the percentage of opacity and by a gravity score. The  most affected regions appearing  as the densest, and which are known  to be markers of the severity of the disease, are also segmented  and quantified  in a few minutes.

The  device  is  also very useful for  monitoring the progression of the  disease over time. “Quantifying progression  or  improvement  under  treatment,  reliably  and reproducible,  is  a valuable  aid  for clinicians  and  remains  the  most  objective way  to  assess  the  therapeutic response. Pr Indeed, a En semi-quantitative and subjective  evaluation, even  carried out  by experienced radiologists, suffers  from variability  that can  penalize  the  quality of longitudinal follow-ups,” explained Prof Philippe  Grenier.

Chest scanners are  a very  important  source of information  for the fight  against Covid-19 because in some  cases  SARS-CoV-2  attacks the lungs of infected people. The  French Society of Radiology  (SFR) has  decided  to create a database  données  to list all  these  pictures. The aim is to boost the creation of  detection algorithms, widely used in China  since the beginning of the  pandemic.

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