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Source: RTL Info as of 23-04-2020

VUB, several university hospitals and the louvanist company icometrix have developed a solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) that offers a “rapid and objective” quantification of lung pathology from chest scanners thoraciques in patients admitted for Covid-19, the partners said Thursday. The software, icolung, has received CE certification for clinical use in Europe.

CORONAVIRUS in en  Belgium: the  latest  information

To assess the type, pattern and extent of lung pathology on chest scanners thoraciques helps in the evaluation,sorting and follow-up of patients with Covid-19, the members of this collaboration stress. This sorting can relieve the burden of intensive care units and allows for better allocating resources. 

We are currently testing the first versions

The icolung software should en help support hospital work, providing a fully automated assessment of the burden of the disease. It quantifies the impact of coronavirus in patients via a chest scanner, without contrast product injection, and quickly proposes an analysis report. 

“We are currently testing the first versions, and we believe that quantitative data from CT-scans are important,” comments Professor Johan De Mey,Head of Radiology at UZ Brussel. “Thanks to the Cloud platform, improvements to AI-based algorithms l’IA are instantly made available to us, which is essential given the rapid evolution of the pandemic.” 

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