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Source: as of  26-03-2020

The coronavirus  crisis, or  Covid-19, has an impact on the  population..  In  addition to  this essential human  aspect, coronavirus also has very  serious consequences  on  businesses,from the smallest to the giants  of the  Cac  40. However,solutions exist to limit the economic impact of population containment,  especially through artificial intelligence  technologies. .  Learn how to ensure business  continuity  during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Every day  that  passes  sees  the arrival  of  new  measures  decided  by the  government  to  try to  stem the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Decisions  to  limit the movement of  people appear to be  particularly  effective..  Indeed,  China, the  original focus of the epidemic,  sees  the end of the tunnel after the application  of  drastic containment  measures. .  But   such  measures  have  economic  consequences  for  businesses  that  can  be  catastrophic..  Some  companies  rely  on  artificial intelligence  to  organize  their   business continuity  plan  in  this  context  of Coronavirus outbreak, and  they  are making the right   choice..

 Artificial intelligence offers many companies, from the smallest SME to the  largest  multinational, tools to  preserve  their  business. A chatbot  stuffed with  AI  can,  for example,  help  a support help desk,  other  robots  are  even  able to replace  some health care   workers  very  exposed  during such pandemic. And  why  not  tomorrow,  algorithms  to  prevent the spread of a virus  like  Covid-19? Science fiction do you think?  Not  at all! Many  solutions  are already  operational..

The chatbot, a  solution for support services help desk,  but  not  that!

How can a chatbot help to continue   a business    in  the  event  of  a crisis  like the one  we are currently experiencing    with  Coronavirus?   Simply  by  relieving   employees  of  tasks  that  can  be  managed by robots. A  particularly telling   example  is  the use of a chatbot to  help help help desk staff.   Some  chatbots,  doped  with  artificial intelligence  can   indeed    respond  to many  problems,  even  complex, and  thus  free up time for  employees  who  can  concentrate     on calls  for higher  value-added.. 

It is  therefore  entirely  possible  to leave   people  in charge of support help desks at  home. These grande    co-laborators  are  therefore  available  to  handle  highly  specialized applications  and  of which they  are  experts,while  en  allowing most of the  flow of  applications to  be  resolved. dont by a chatbot.  Telework  is  thus  facilitated  and physical exchanges  between employees  collaborateurs  and  customers are reduced  to  nothing. In  this  very  concrete case, a chatbot  with  artificial  intelligence  can  greatly  help companies  with business continuity.

Didyou know that? A chatbot  can  also  be    an  ideal tool  in a training process.     Indeed,   some  chatbots,  doped  with  artificial intelligence,   can  accompany collaborators step by step in  their training process.   Thus,  a  period of “forced   telework”   can  become  a  good  opportunity to  increase  your  employees’   skills. .

Robots instead of healthcare workers

Let’s be  clear  clair first of all, robot  surgeons  or  doctors,  this  is  not  topical..  On  the other hand, robots  are  already  deployed,  mainly  in  Asia,in the  context  of  the Coronavirus  pandemic to assist caregivers. For      now,  these  machines  offer  relatively simple features, such  as taking temperature  or dispensing   drugs. Beyonddelà   these    intricate  tasks,   some  machines  go further and  are  already able to  assist  a  surgeon  and  even take samples  without  any  assistance. The  DAMO Academy, by Chinese giant  Alibaba, has  even  developed  a  new  diagnostic  technology doped  with  artificial intelligence.  Concretely,  this  AI  is  therefore  able  to accurately interpret   précision  test  results    (radiography, various samples…)   in  just  a few  seconds,  as  explained by Futura-Sciences  magazine in this  article..

Could artificial   intelligence find   cures for   Coronavirus?

What better  way  than to  find  a  cure  or   vaccine  for Coronavirus to ensure continuity  continuité  of  activity?   Google, through  its  British  subsidiary  DeepMind,  revealed  on    5 March 2020 that it had  mobilised  its  resources  to  decrypt the coronavirus in  detail..  A few  weeks earlier,DeepMind  had  communicated  on  AlphaFold, an  AI-based  d’IA system  capable of  predicting protein structures.  protéines “The  3D protein   models  that  AlphaFold   ce   était   avant  generates  are  far more accurate than anything that was done before —  marking  significant progress in  one  of the central challenges  of biology  biologie DeepMind, an information in this article in The Magazine Numérama, announced at the time. It is  therefore  on  this  innovative  system  that  the current predictions    published  by  the company are  based.  It   could, in  the long run,help find  cures  for  diseases  like  Coronavirus.

By Patrick  Seguela,  President of Synapse  Development


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