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Source: 20 minuten – Basel as of 23-03-2020

The world of work is changing rapidly. Artificial intelligence (AI) also has a major influence.
A classic example of artificial intelligence is Siri, Apple’s smartphone assistant. But the development is already much further. In Germany, for example, there are pilot projects to support care facilities with the help of robots and AI. However, it is not yet clear where exactly the journey will lead. “The fields of activity are constantly expanding and technologies are also developing. Making a prognosis is risky. For example, who could have predicted the smartphone boom in the early 2000s?” says Nicolas Filippov, communications manager at the Idiap Research Institute. However, many benefits are already apparent or are already being applied. Thanks to AI, it is possible to process and use data on a large scale. “In practice, this helps to fulfill new tasks that are impossible for humans. For example, when recognizing and analyzing information in a huge database, especially in the case of diseases.” It is only logical that new professions should be created thanks to this technology. According to Nicolas Filippov, however, it is still largely unclear which will be concrete: “The specialist in AI is really new.
Other Professions are developing more, as they did when the Internet was introduced a few years ago. This is how AI lawyers, data managers or even the taxi driver benefit by optimizing their journey thanks to AI.” In order to have enough experts for this development, Artificial intelligence (AI) is a sub-field of computer science that is concerned with equipping machines with capabilities similar to intelligent (human) behavior. This can be achieved with pre-programmed rules or by machine learning. Fernuni Switzerland and Idiap offer the Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. “This study is aimed at students with a solid background in computer science who are motivated to build an artificial intelligence strategy in a company,” explains Dr. Damien Carron, Academic Director of Fernuni Switzerland. The special feature of the course is that the Master’s degree combines a flexible university education at a high level with the development of an artificial intelligence project in a company. “This also requires companies that want to integrate artificial intelligence into their strategy, but are hampered by the lack of highly qualified personnel,” adds Damien Carron. Distance learning is very flexible. For example, 60% of the study is done online and 40% of the company is working. The big advantage for Damien Carron is obvious: “The combination of study and work enables the student to apply the newly acquired knowledge immediately in his project and for his company.” To benefit from AI, it is critical to understand AI. This requires experts with theoretical know-how and practical relevance.
Artificial intelligence in companies is a competitive advantage.”
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