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Source: SiecleDigital as of 17-05-2020

Nvidia has developed an AI system capable of making hospitals smart.

The American company Nvidia presents  Clara Guardian: an artificial intelligence capable of limiting the spread of infectious diseases, including Covid-19, of course. This new system is currently being tested in some 50 hospitals en en in China, France, Italy and Israel. 10,000 rooms are equipped with this artificial intelligence. 

Clara Guardian: the AI agent who makes hospitals smart

Clara Guardian is a complete artificial intelligence. Its role is to detect the temperature of patients, but also to monitor measures of social distance in real time or to automate certain tasks usually performed by health professionals. Its objective is very gagner clear: to make hospitals smarter to save doctors time and, above all, to limit the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Clara Guardian works with AI EGX chips developed by Nvidia.

In the future,Clara Guardian could even help health professionals in other tasks. Nvidia talks about areas such as surgical analysis, or the management of tasks such as monitoring the smooth running of an l’analyse operation. The artificial intelligence company behind the ce system insists that smart hospitals will be able to ensure a cleaner environment and reduce the risk of the spread of infectious diseases. Kimberly Powell, vicepresident of pôle health at Nvidia, said:

“If we can use technologies such telles as video and voice to enable artificial intelligence to get active engagement in real time to create actions and efficiencies for nurses and doctors, that’s a huge gain for hospitals currently going through very complicatedconditions.”

Artificial intelligence as a weapon against the Covid-19

Artificial intelligence devenir is becoming a key technology in the health field. In the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, other companies have proposed their own innovations. This is particularly the case for DarwinAI, a startup that has created a tool capable of detecting Covid-19 infections from simple X-rays. An artificial intelligence that could even give health professionals an indication about the severity of the infection.

Another mind-blowing example, at the beginning of March, China opened a fully robotic hospital   service. The city of Wuhan opened a fully robotic medical space in a former sports converted into a last-generation field hospital. An initiative that also reminds us of that led by Professor Zheng and his team of Tsinghua academics with whom he was developing a robotic  arm, specially designed to help save lives in the context of the epidemic we are going through..

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