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Source: Affiches Parisiennes as of 03-07-2020

The French legaltech predictive justice has just created a label “Artificial Intelligence and Law” that its clients can affix to their communications elements in order to testify to their mastery in the quantitative evaluation of the judicial files entrusted to them. A simple and practical piece of com to promote their investment in legal innovation.

Today, the use of innovative digital tools by lawyers and legal branches has become an asset that is important to value. “It is all the more so because there is a strong expectation of customers who, in some cases, even make it a criterion of choice,” Case Law Analytics rightly points out.

Recent surveys and the growing attendance at the legaltechs show bear witness to this. Thus, according to the recently leaked Wolters Kluwer 2020 “Lawyers and Lawyers for the Future” survey, technology has definitely become the key to the success of the legal sector. The Covid crisis has shown that legal technological solutions, which allow us to work at any time and in any place, and sometimes to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, are now essential to the continuity of activities, and have become an essential criterion on the part of clients.

Case Law Analytics launched its “Artificial Intelligence and Law” label to enable their clients to establish an innovative approach to their clients’ law firms or legal branches. In addition, legaltech wanted to highlight the French know-how of which its solution is the fruit by indicating on its label the word “Made in France”.


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